Sistem pendingin udara tambang 2023-06-07

1. Ikhtisar Proyek: 

Proyek ini terletak di Kota Yantai, Provinsi Shandong, dan merupakan proyek sistem udara tambang emas untuk China National Gold Group Co., Ltd.
Kedalaman tambang: 1500 meter, diharapkan suhu batuan di sekitar permukaan kerja akan mencapai 43°C ketika poros mencapai bagian bawah, dan suhu permukaan kerja harus dipertahankan pada 25~28°C.

2. Persyaratan ventilasi untuk sistem ventilasi tambang bawah tanah 



Ruang kerja


poros daridiameter jaring sumur

Parameter ventilasi


Volume udara


Jumlah operasi


Poros bantu

50 meter

8,2 meter

8 kali/jam

21000 m3/jam

8~10 orang

3. Keunggulan Program

1. Using 3-level cooling, fresh air conditions: 40 degrees in / 14 degrees out.
The air outlet range of the unit: 14~40 degrees
2. The mine air conditioning systems are designed with double air outlets, and fresh air is used for air supply in transitional seasons and winters to reduce operating costs.
3. Easy to clean and adjust: the air inlet is equipped with 304# stainless steel rain-proof elbow, detachable 304# stainless steel insect-proof net, and aluminum alloy manual air volume control valve, 1" plate type washable multi-layer aluminum alloy filter;
4. Precise temperature control: 3-segment coils are matched with proportional and integral valves, temperature controllers,
5. High-quality coil: copper tube + blue wave aluminum fin cold water coil, with slope-shaped stainless steel collecting basin;
6. Italian brand NICOTRA fan, Guangdong Jiangsheng motor, with negative pressure inspection door.
7. The inner and outer panels are color steel plates, and the thickness of the wind cabinet panel: 50mm;
8. The unit uses self-produced high-efficiency fin heat exchangers and hydrophilic aluminum thin fins.
9. Adopt Hanbell compressor, high energy efficiency, stable performance, low noise and low vibration. It has a wide range of operation and can adapt to different operating conditions.
10. The external rotor axial flow fan is adopted, with high air volume, high efficiency, sufficient dynamic pressure, and IP54 protection level.
11. Adopt self-produced high-efficiency flooded evaporator.
12. Unit cop: 3.2
13. Adopt Danfoss electronic expansion valve throttling device to ensure quality.
14. Reliable operation, the unit has a variety of safety protection measures to ensure the safe operation of the unit.
15. Intelligent control: With cloud service system, customers can understand the operation of the unit in an all-round way at any time.
16. Integrated equipment can reduce initial investment costs (civil construction costs and installation costs)

4. Reflect the value of the product

Convince clients of the benefits of our solution, and the value it can create:
Reduce competitors: peer manufacturers do not have this technology accumulation, or are unwilling to do such non-standard customization
Profitable: It is difficult for customers of niche non-standard products with technological advantages to compare prices in the market
Cultivating customer stickiness: To make products that others can't do, as long as there is a project of mine air conditioners, they will think of us at the first time, and they can only find us.

5 Project design focus:

(1) Large load, high temperature and high humidity,
(2) The environment is poor, and the dust around the mine is flying;
(3) The mine roadway is long, the system pressure is large, and the cooling capacity loss is large;
(4) Fresh air circulation, large temperature difference in cooling;
(5) The working conditions of the mining level vary greatly in each period;
(6) It is difficult to control the wind speed of the section of the excavation working face. If the wind speed is too low, the stratification of harmful and toxic gases is easy to occur. If the wind speed is too large, it is easy to cause dust flying and cause secondary pollution.

6. Project configuration

Device name

Cooling capacity


Cooling power


Air volume


Supply air dynamic pressure




Special refrigeration skid for mine


1 65kw



Penuh udara segar

7. Fungsi dan fitur desain produk

Sistem udara tambangFungsi dan fitur desain produk

8. Instalasi di tempat

sistem pendingin udara tambang

sistem ventilasi tambang bawah tanah

sistem ventilasi tambang bawah tanah diproduksi oleh H.Stars Group

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